Why You Should Marry an Asian Woman

What is the allure of an Asian woman? Many men around the globe specifically seek to date and marry women from different Asian countries, whether they?re from China, Thailand, the Philippines or from elsewhere.

The prospect of Dating An Asian Mail Order Bride is attractive to many men as they are renowned for their exotic beauty, petite features and sensitive, feminine nature.

They are also intelligent, well educated and often have future goals or an established successful career of their own.

Asian women are also a popular choice because of their rich cultural heritage and traditional values. Of course, culture and tradition in each Asian country is different and Asian women shouldn’t been seen as similar across the board.

However, by and large women from Asian countries were raised to be sensitive, caring, supportive and honorable.

The traits and characteristics typically instilled in women from Asian nations are pleasing and desirable to the men who seek to date them, often because they value more traditional male-female relationship dynamics.

Asian women are often popular choices for older men from Western countries who have been married in the past or not yet found a life partner.

In Asian cultures, it?s not uncommon to see partners with considerable age gaps, and in some instances Asian women will not even consider a match with a partner under the age of 40, as he may not be seen as a mature and capable provider.

This, of course, is not true of all Asian women or Western men, but is worth pointing out. For men who would like to date or consider remarrying, they may be delighted to have as their love interest and companion a youthful and beautiful Asian woman.

When Asian women date or marry men from Western countries, these traits are often complemented by a greater sense of independence, and many women who come from traditional families and are quite shy and submissive will start to become more outgoing and energetic. Consequently, they are seen by many potential suitors as offering ?the best of both worlds.?

It is worth pointing out that men seeking to date or marry Asian women should not get too caught up in stereotypes and misconceptions. Just as all Asian cultures are unique, so are Asian women.

While many tend to have similar traditional values and personality traits, they are individuals just like women from any other nation. Each will have her own likes, dislikes and dreams.

You may want to consider dating an Asian woman if you prefer traditional values and roles in a relationship, but still want a partner who is intelligent and articulate.

You may also want to think about dating an Asian woman if you?re attracted to their beauty, features and style.

Furthermore, an Asian woman may make an excellent girlfriend or wife for you if you appreciate and are fascinated by her cultural heritage.

However, most of all, you should date or marry an Asian women if you meet the right one for you ? someone who can be your partner, whom you see a future with and can love.

Which Asian Women Make the Best Wives?

Asia is really a immense tract of land stretching seven thousand miles from the Turkey east to over tremendous mountains, vast plains, frozen tundra, and almost uninhabited forests to the far eastern edge of Siberia and south to China, India, as well as the nations of Southeast Asia.

Easily thirty-one percent of all ladies on earth live in this extensive region and it is not hard to find a beautiful Asian girlfriend or wife if you put your mind to it.

Dating a Japanese Woman

Before the creation of the Net it was basically unimaginable for a guy from the U.S. or European countries to court a beautiful Japanese girl or any Asian woman for that matter.

Some magazines would publish classified ads and sell contact information, however this was a sluggish, clunky route.

Now you’ll find actually many of internet dating web-sites to help Western men who wish to contact attractive Asian ladies.

hot japanese girl

Many Asian young ladies are reared in rigid profoundly male dominated societies, nonetheless it is inappropriate to presume that consequently they’re submissive.

In Asia girls are still pressured into arranged marriages in many of the countryside. While in the ugliest instances girls are sold like livestock to city mobsters who employee them in brothels and bars.

Even in solidly middle class families often hot Asian women have not even met their betrothed until their wedding, dowries are still negotiated, and a young woman’s family very often can veto her choice of a husband.

Young ladies enrolling for Asian dating sites are explicitly cutting themselves off from these venerated traditions and which means they’re in reality displaying a great deal more drive and determination than any Western men that go to the dating sites ever recognize.

The fact is that, ordinarily they’re ignoring the desires of their families, because in most Asian countries there is certainly still a deep taboo hostile to marrying outside of your own ethnic or religious group.

Sexy Philippines Brides

Ladies from the Philippines, Filipinas, were the very first modern-day mail order brides back in the 1970’s. Filipinas almost all speak English, are Roman Catholic, usually genuinely traditional Catholics, and they’re from a country with close historic links to the United States, so there are more often than not almost no social issues to overcome when a Filipina bride marries a man from a Western country, particularly if the husband is a active Catholic.

filipina sexy girl

The Philippines was a Spanish colony up until 1898 when they were surrendered to the U.S. following the Spanish-American War, this is why many cultural aspects of The Philippines are more Latin than Asian.

The extremely devout form of Catholicism is just one example, but also some of the ideas that Filipinas have about marriage and family are said to be of Latin origin.

For example, the average Filipina will probably have MANY siblings, I met one girl with 11 brothers and 3 sisters!

Sexy Thai Girls

Thai brides have a reputation as among the most lovely girls in the world. Not a soul will quibble with that, but there’s a great deal more to Thai brides than simply their exotic Asian looks.

Thailand is a beautiful country with a rich way of life. The Thai mail order bride industry is exceptionally old, dating back to the beginning of the 1970s.

There is not much cultural opposition to Thai mail order brides, because a great number of Thai women have married American and European men since World War II.

Most of these women married American military men, hundreds of thousands of whom were stationed in the country during the 1960s and 1970s.

thai girl

The fact is, Tiger Woods is simply the most prominent child of the thousands of Thai women who married American servicemen starting in the Sixties.

Finding a Thai wife is complicated because of the large tourist sex trade. For that reason some Thai mail order brides from good families are more hesitant about meeting foreign men through agencies, mainly because they demand to be totally sure that men realize that they are definitely not prostitutes.

Thailand is really a gorgeous nation with thousands of super beaches and Thai women are very plugged into Western culture. Almost all hot Thai girls know some English, it is required in school, but usually they’re not fluent.

But the truth is, after seeing fine-looking Thai girls in bikinis on virtually one of the beaches you almost certainly shouldn’t be overly uneasy about their grammar.

Hot Chinese Girls for Foreign Gentlemen

There are so many hot Chinese girls who are up for the adventure of dating foreign men.

Western men, on the other hand, have a penchant for Oriental looking girls, so this really works out great for both parties! For a lot of men, these pretty Chinese girls are like real life dolls.

They have those doe eyes and quirky smiles, plus hot bodies that men of course clamor over. They would love to have a girlfriend as pretty as a life-size doll, and that is probably why the appeal of Chinese girls is never lost with these men.

The girls, on the other hand, are mostly tired of the many obstacles that they face in their own homeland. China has the most number of people compared to any other country in the world, and this has made them implement policies that allow families only one child per marriage.

sexy chinese girl

This is one of the hardest things to accept, most especially for the woman. Blessed with the gift of bearing life and propagation of offspring, some women more than others find that they want as many children as they physically are able to have.

For a Chinese woman, this is simply not allowed and is punishable by law. The great thing about being married to a foreign man and being able to live in a different country is that they do not have to conform any longer to the rules that restrict them to one child only. They will now be able to have as much children as they want.

In some European countries, governments even give incentives to families who have more children. This will be a good thing for the girl who wishes to have a big family. The hot Chinese girls will then be very happy because they will be able to fulfill their dream and have that part of their womanhood completed, thanks to their foreign love.

Chinese Girls Who Are as Beautiful as Chinese Models

A lot of guys wish to go for Asian women – and a lot more are very particular with the Chinese girls, with their porcelain skin, cute eyes, jet-black hair, demure physique, and meek demeanor.

A lot of Chinese girls look more like Chinese models to some guys, and their appeal is increasing with western men more and more. This is great for the Chinese woman who would like to have a culture different from her own and her probably overprotective parents.

China is also known for its one-child policy, and a lot of aspiring mothers are frustrated with this new rule. At least, if a western man woos them and invites them to live in a different country, it would be better for them as it would help them live their dream more easily.

They could have as many children as they want without having to face punishment or sanctions that the Chinese government bestows upon families who have or plan to have more than one child. Apart from this rule, a lot of Chinese families are also overprotective of their children, especially of their daughters, when it comes to marrying non-Chinese men.

With the advent of international dating, the Chinese girls can already take advantage of marrying foreign men and be free of these restrictions especially if they go to live abroad with their husbands.

Their families will have to just respect their decision because they are probably already in love and will let their foreign husband take care of them in another country anyway.

These changes are really making other cultural barriers break down in a way that takes discrimination away as well.

A lot of the old rules are being revamped to become more welcoming of different cultures, and this is good so that the beautiful Chinese models or model-looking girls get to have the appreciation that they have always wanted from other men.

It also helps them become stronger as a people in terms of breaking barriers to uniting people from all over the world.