12 Tips for Finding a Brazilian Mail Order Bride

Hot Brazilian women are looking for husbands and western men are looking for hot Brazilian brides. It’s time to connect them however they are looking to meet and court, including through social networking platforms, international dating websites, or a “mail order bride service”.

Brazilian’s are arguably some of the most incredibly sexy, sophisticated, witty, and educated women in comparison to the majority of western-influenced countries. For the past almost 20 years 50% or more of enrolling, new students into universities around Brazil were all female. Follow-up studies show that over 60% of college graduates in Brazil are women.

In comparison to many other major hubs for finding mail-order brides, or simply ‘courting’ outside of your comfort zone in European and Asian countries, Brazil sets the bar really high for foreign brides. This, in combination with their stunning beauties, incredible physiques, and self-care habits they are a spicy option for any many looking to have the best of both worlds.

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Brazilian women take great pride in their bodies, and in addition to working out loads during the week they also enjoy many other sports like tennis, swimming, water-sports, and of course dancing – salsa is one of the most popular; note to self.

Due to the modernization of society and technology, “mail order bride” systems are mostly non-existent today in the sense and practice that they have been available in the past.

In today’s world of technology the new mail order bride services or closest thing to it would be considered the websites that provide “matchmaking services” or otherwise online-dating platforms.

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With over 78 Million women, Brazilian ladies are plentiful and there’s always the option of visiting Brazilian chatrooms, forums, and looking up, chatting, or adding random Brazilian women from fan-pages or groups on social-media networks like Facebook.

Although not recommended as a first choice, it can be an effective approach and of course, is free.

If money is no object and you prefer to use one of the many online dating or matchmaking services for connecting with Brazilian women, then consider some of the following tips so you can make the best of your “leads” or connects with Brazilian babes online.

Brazilian women have the sexiest body

1) Research and understand the culture of Brazil, and Latin America in general. Try to make an honest effort in examining and understanding the ‘machoistic’ common mentality of Brazilian men, and why Brazilian women in turn desire foreigners or western men from other countries to court and marry.

2) In combination with the first tip, learn, practice, and understand that respect for independence, understanding, patience, and loyalty are critical elements to successfully being with and supporting a Brazilian girlfriend or soon to be wife. Lastly, yes, per their culture they also rely on and expect men to be the bread-winners in many instances, dependent upon where your Brazilian love is originally from, and what she believes in. That is, in consideration of the university statistics above, it’s worth appreciating that plenty of Brazilian women are self-earners and have the independence to contribute to the household responsibilities and bills as well. On a side note, they also make some of the most incredible wives and mothers, thanks to their Latin Culture and influences.

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3) Going off the last tip, speaking from a social perspective it should be appreciated that Brazilian women are quite adventurous. With that being said, although including adventuring, traveling, and learning foreign languages and cultures, Brazilian women often pursue higher education solely for the purpose of self-development, and not necessarily to always pursue a career afterwards – so keeping this is mind. If Brazilian babes still sound up your alley, then read on!

4) When considering a mail-order bride or dating connection website consider, research, and compare the dating sites you’re considering based on reputation, prices, and reviews. While some websites can be more effective than others, people have different tastes and some platforms work for one person better than the next.

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5) Be wary of Brazilian dating websites in which women insist on corresponding through the site only, and a connection in which requires constant payment for sending or receiving messages, sending “gifts”, and using their platform in general. There are plenty of Brazilian mail-order bride and dating websites out there that are scams – but there are also quite a few that are not. OkCupid is a cool, reputable place to start or consider as a first-go.

6) Per the last tip, be aware of the types of dating websites you’re considering using, and understand that there are plenty of dating platforms out there for Latin American women in particular that use bots, or males pretending to be females, and often just send generic responses to all recipients – including you.

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7) If possible and the comfort level seems right, try to pull your newfound Brazilian babe away from a dating-sites platform onto Skype, email, and other forms of communication like the phone. While doing so may cause the risk of the site no longer being able to monitor or “protect” you, your money, and interests, the same could be said for the complete opposite about money-hungry dating platforms that charge astronomical rates to use their “dating services”.

8) Be careful and play special attention if you do manage to find or insist on using a “mail order bride” platform as often these are scams, or worse. By worse, it’s worth taking into consideration the laws of the country you’re considering courting for a wife or “mail order wife”. Often, including in most Latin American countries, they specifically have laws setup against such arrangements, as they have a lengthy history of leading to many domestic abuse, disputes, and otherwise undesirably dangerous and unfortunate situations for either party(s) involved in such arrangements in the past.

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be careful when using dating sites.

9) “Meet-ups” can be dangerous, especially when first meeting your new prospective Brazilian bride. With that being said, if and when you decide to finally invest money in going down to Brazil, ensure you take reasonable precautions to protect yourself. Some good pieces of shared advice throughout the internet and those experienced in dating women in new, foreign countries include but are not limited to:

  • Meeting in a public, safe, well-lit place
  • Researching and scoping out the place where you intend to meet your prospective future Brazilian wife, and even where she’s originally from.
  • Leave your passport at home, and just bring a photocopy.
  • Keep carrying large amounts of cash, your cell phone, and personal accessories to a minimum when going to an unknown place in a foreign country.

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10) An inarguable critical step to preparing to meet up with or land your next Brazilian wife is ensuring reasonable presentation of yourself before your first meet, or a night out on the town! Brazilian women take extremely good care of themselves, and have incredible amounts of pride in their appearance. Likewise, you should too; ensure you’re clean shaven, dressed nicely and formally if the occasional calls for it – you’ll find that Brazilian women in comparison to most foreign countries and women “overdress” in comparison to what we’re used to.

11) Take it slow – whether online or meeting your Brazil dream girl try to do your best to take it slow. That means doing your due diligence to the best of your ability to verify the age of your prospective Brazilian love (think: scams).

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12) Be wary and hesitant to meet your Brazilian loves family if it’s far out in a providence somewhere, or a place that’s otherwise hours and hours of a drive away – or at least bring along a trusted friend. Give it a few weeks or preferably a few months before doing something big like this. Even know it’s customary to meet and get the approval of a Latin American women’s family, you have to ensure your own safety and comfort level too. So try to meet up somewhere, or have them meet you halfway if possible.